Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Luke as his hero! Dad's little "mini-me". The camera really picks up on the reflectors with the flash on.
Eli as a "life flight guy".

Samuel as Indiana Jones. I can't believe how much older he looks with facial hair!

Porter as an old man. I wonder if he will look like this in 50 years?


Brian, Lish, Lily, & Ruston said...

The boys look good, hope they had a fun Halloween!

Nikki said...

Hey Becca! Your blog is so cute!! I am glad I can keep "closer tabs" on you now that I have your blog address. I'm adding you to my list of friends. My blog is Talk to you soon. Love, Nikki...remember me??? your old friend from the nanny days?? :) just kidding!

Birdie said...

Verrey cute