Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally an up-date!!

I know that I am a terrible personfor not updateing this sooner! Some of you know that I went back to school in September. I only had one class during the fall semester but it seemed like 50! I don't know what I was thinking when I registared for algebra 1050 without taking any classes to work up to it. DA!! Well actually it happened like this; 3 years ago when Luke started preschool, I thought that I would take advantage of my newly aquared freedom by furthering my education. So I went through the process of see what classes I needed to take to abtain an associates degree. I was informed that one must test into math. So I went and paid $30 to be told that I would have to take the dumbest class to get into the dumber class to eventually get in the dumb class before taking the class I needed for my degree (obviously math was never one of my strongest subjects!!)!! Needless to say I was a little discourage and decided that maybe it wasn't the best time for me to go back to school and that I would just stick with being a mom for now. (WOW! this has sure turned into a long story!!) Back to why I am in school now. During this last summer, I learned that there was an opening for a kindergarten teacher at the school my boys go to. I really wanted that job! Unfortunately I didn't have enough schooling to even apply. The time had come, I knew that I must bite the bullet and go back to school! I called a counselor to see what my options were and he said that he didn't usually recommend it but I might want to look into getting my math done through BYU's independent studies program. He told me that I could take their 1050 class and that is all the math I would need to get my degree. I couldn't believe that they would let me skip all of the other classes leading up to the 1050 class. Well, I soon learned why it was not something that they recommended very often. Let's just say besides having babies, I not have never done something that hard and painstaking!! I never thought that I could be so happy about squeaking by in a class with a C!! I cried for 20 mins after my final because I couldn't believe it was over and I had passed! I took my final on December 23rd. This is why I have not had a chance to updated this blog. Besides that, I nearly ruined Christmas morning by dropping the camera before I captured one photo of that amazing day. As a blogger it is almost like losing a finger when you don't have a way of documenting life with pictures. Stan gave me new camera for my birthday earlier this month and I have yet to learn all of its tricks. I am hoping to use it soon to help with the visuals for the boys science projects and on our up-coming trip to the D.R. for Stan's 40th!

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