Thursday, August 28, 2008

Races 2008

This year Stan and I branched out from our usual Summer races of just running. Stan bought me a bike for Christmas because we had both made it into the 13 minute registration window for the Spudman Triathalon in July. Had you asked me a year ago if I would consider myself a cyclist I would have said "No way! I don't bike." But once we made it into the tri, I knew that I would have to at least learn how to get on and off my bike. I also have learned a few other things since that first day (Yes, I fell twice that day!) You must be moving in order to balance, you must not reach down to check your tire pressure if your bike is rolling (DAH!!) and it is good to always have lots and lots and lots of water!!

So because I had such a fear of biking, I thought that I would push myself right from the start of the biking season and just to get on and go. I signed up to do the Little Red Ridinghood ride. It is an all women ride that goes from Logan to Preston Wyoming and back. Total of 104 miles. (Unfortunately, I have no pictures to document my first big ride!) I guess when I want a challenge I really go for it! (Thanks for the never ending supply of drive dad!) It was so much fun that I knew right away that I was addicted to riding for life!

The Spudman was a BLAST! My goal was to finish in under 3 hours. My final time was 2:45. Stan of coarse was faster and finished in 2:28. The best part of the whole thing is that my mom and dad were there to watch! For years my dad ran around the track at BYU and he never participated in any organized events. Last year he and my mom weren't able to come to St George for the marathon , so I was just trilled that they made it to see us compete in this event. Dad, that race was for you!! For all the miles you ran without getting the chance to cross a single finish line!!

This is a picture of what the Spudman looked like from a 4th story balcony, that my parents got to watch the race on. (Although my dad spent a lot of his time walking around down by the racers.) If you look real close, you can see that the grass is matted down from over 2000 runners pounding it.

Can you tell which swim capped head is mine? After all of the people of my heat jumped into the water, I swam up a bit and tried to find my dad watching on the sidelines. I saw him and started to yell and wave to get his attention. The sun was so bright that he wasn't sure if it was me, but he took a shot anyway!

Post race photos. I don't know how my mom could stand to get this close to me! She must have been more proud than I thought. Stan was just as stinky as I was or he wouldn't have gotten this close to me, proud or not!! The photo in the middle is our trophy! We each got a medal with a potato with muscles running. How cool is that?!

Two weeks after the Spudman, I was able to participate in a ride call the ULCER. No it is not name that because doing it will give you an ulcer. It is the acronym for Utah Lake Century Epic Ride. It was an 111 mile coarse around Utah Lake.
The picture at the top is of my friend Jocelyn, her daughter Cassie, Cassie's friend Millie, and me. This is just before we started. Don't we all look excited and well rested? Just me and my trusty bike in the middle. After 6 hours it still looked just the same. Thank heaven I didn't crash or get a flat!! Last is Jocelyn and I after the 111 mile event. We look pretty good I'd say! At about mile 102 I hit the wall. I have done a lot of races both running and riding and never had I experienced something quite like that before! I guess I am not as invisible as I thought! (Lots more water next time!!

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